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The Rotary International Fellowship for Conflict Resolution

The Rotary International Fellowship for Conflict Resolution welcomes your interest and invites you to explore with us this exciting avenue of service.

Over the coming months, with your input we hope to establish a world wide web site linked with the growing network of Rotary sites. Meanwhile, please consider our objectives and some history.

Our Fellowship has an open agenda:

Conflict resolution techniques are now being employed by Rotarians in different parts of the world. Almost six years ago, the first Carl Miller Discovery Grant led to our demonstration project in District 1160, Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is an ongoing project the details of which have been described in the Rotarian Magazine.

The demonstration project has included, among other programs, youth exchanges for the purpose of studying conflict resolution in different cultural, social and economic conditions. Recently, we extended the theme to the Chicago, Illinois (USA) Public High Schools by sponsoring an essay contest on conflict resolution. Student winners received college scholarships, summer internships with public officials and an expense paid trip to Washington, D.C. to study government. The Rotary Clubs of Highland Park, Illinois and Washington, D.C. co-sponsored the contest.

Since Rotary International currently sponsors a variety of exchanges, adding a conflict resolution component would enhance these programs without much additional effort.

Please help us by sharing our open agenda with Clubs and Districts and sharing your experiences with us. I would hope that you will consider conflict resolution generally as an important avenue of service as we approach Rotary's 100th Anniversary.

Rotarians interested in joining the Fellowship for Conflict Resolution, and/or pursuing projects in this area of service, should contact me. Thank you for your consideration. Michael Michael S. Shaw Chairman Rotary International Fellowship for Conflict Resolution 833 Rice Street Highland Park, Illinois (USA) 60035 E-Mail: RiceCary95@aol.com


Please send me the following information if you would like to join the Fellowship for Conflict Resolution.  There is no charge.

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